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Ben Quayle calls Obama

Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, John is runn gafas oakley ing for Arizona shadegg Open Congressional SEAT. He wants you to know, in a creepy, stilted Way, that I will the hell out of Washington, you should send him there. Also: Barack O gafas oakley bama is the worst President in history, which will certainly be News to James Buchanan. Three years later, it does this for cities across the Nation. According to Founder gafas oakley Nik Richie (real name: Hooman Karamian), Quayle was found dirtyscottsdale and contributed to the site in its early days under the pseudonym Landers. He seems to have, among other things, this originally denied having anything to do with the site. Then he admitted that he knew more or less Richie and helped him launch the site. But He still insists he not Landers. He acknowledges he spoke to the founder in the site’s early days, but says it could contain the racy content it has now, according to myfoxphoenix. Quayle says he helped Refer to an atto gafas oakley rney and the founder of comments made to early on to drive traffic, but denied using the name Brock Landers.